Most Unique Bathroom Design Ideas

When working with customers in our showroom in St. Louis on bathroom remodeling, we often hear that they want their spaces to be a reflection of their individual style. When remodeling, you don’t need to stick to a plain, traditional style – you can use the space to have fun and show off your personality. Here are some unique bathroom design ideas that will inspire you on your next remodeling project.

Go with large stones instead of traditional tile.

Give your bathroom an earthy feel by opting for large stones and rocks on your bathroom floor instead of the traditional tile finish. Stones are showstopping and give a very earthy feel to an otherwise modern bathroom. This works particularly well for ground floor bathrooms, where it might be a bit easier to install heavy stones.

Install an old-school stand-alone bathtub.

If your bathroom feels cramped, gut your combo shower/tub and install a vintage bathtub instead. Baths are not only relaxing and comfortable – they’re stylish too, due to the popularity of rustic decor at the moment. If you really want to be creative and unique, look for a bathtub with a unique shape or finish.

Add hand-painted patterned wallpaper.

Many people shy away from patterns in the bathroom, but they’re actually a great way to make the space feel more lively. Look for hand painted wallpaper that’s completely unique, and pair it with minimalist features to make a big statement. Many people even opt to take the wallpaper onto the ceiling to make the space feel more expansive.

Use vibrant colored glass on the walls to liven things up.

Colored glass tiling is the perfect way to make a decorative statement. Try using glass tiles that are very deep and rich in color to make your bathroom really pop. This is a particularly great way to switch up the look of your space if you have a lot of white or cream in your bathroom, because it balances out the overall color palette.

Hang a grandiose chandelier.

If you have high ceilings in your bathroom, take advantage of them by installing a large chandelier. Chandeliers reflect the light beautifully and make your bathroom seem elegant and stylish. Make sure the metal in your chandelier matches your fixtures – ie. choose brass if you have brass faucets, or silver if you have silver faucets – to keep things cohesive.

Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns.

Many people will say this is a no-go, but when done tastefully, a mix of colors or patterns makes an amazingly bold statement. The trick is to keep the colors complimentary (use a color wheel to help you), and to pair smaller patterns with larger ones. The contrast is what makes things interesting and dynamic.

Add a skylight.

One of the most difficult things to do in any bathroom is to add light to a space that can otherwise feel dark and dull. If you can, consider adding a skylight to your space during the remodeling process. Natural light is some of the most flattering, and it will bring the other decor elements in your space to life. If you can, position the skylight over the shower to create the illusion of showering in nature.

Install a fireplace.

If you’re going for true luxury, try adding a fireplace to your bathroom. The combination of opposing elements – fire and water – feels decadent, and the fireplace creates a feeling of warmth on cold nights. One of the best places to install the fireplace is next to the bath, so you can relax in a warm bath with a warm fire running right next to you. This will require some renovations, though and we suggest you contact a reputable company to provide the best home additions in Missouri.